In 1977, in the United States, from the willingness and prolific creativity of the Prince Egon von Furstenberg, comes to life the Egon von Furstenberg Ltd, a rapidly expanding company that in 1983 arrives in Italy, opening its first headquarters in Milan.

The Egon von Furstenberg brand establishes itself worldwide, targeting several sectors and markets. In 1999, with the opening of a new headquarters in Rome, the company becomes Egon von Furstenberg S.r.l.

The Egon von Furstenberg S.r.l. carries on its business both in Italy and abroad. The brand expands successfully through many licenses that include numerous categories, all marked by elegance and style.

Unfortunately, on June 11th, 2004, the stylist's journey breaks off with his untimely death. The absence of Egon von Furstenberg leaves a great emptiness in the fashion world, but thanks to his sons Alex and Tatiana the brand keeps on being present in the market, preserving the prestige and glamour that has always had nationally and internationally.

Today, through a careful redistribution licences policy implemented during the last years, the EVF S.r.l. controls a range of collections under the brand Egon von Furstenberg, all manufactured and distributed by licensee companies among the most prestigious in Italy.

Under licence collections include clothing, furs, leather goods, eyewear, watches, ties and scarves, gifts, favors, furnishing, accessories and household linen.