Egon von Furstenberg was born in Lausanne in 1946, the son of Clara Agnelli and Prussian Prince Tassilo von Furstenberg.

Destined to a brilliant career as a business man, he attended instead – due to his family will – the Faculty of Economics at Geneva University.

In 1967 he moved to New York City where he started to work at Chase Manhattan Bank. He decided soon after to devote himself to his great passion for fashion and design, by taking classes at Fit (Fashion Institute of Technology).

In 1972 he started off as a Buyer for Macy's department stores and in 1975 he brought to business a successful line dedicated to plus-size.

Shortly afterwards he expanded to his first line of pullovers and men's shirts, designed by him and labelled for Bloomingdale's.

In 1983 he moved to Italy where he opened his first headquarters in Milan.

The kickoff in Haute Couture occurred in 1991 through relevant lines that reached highest visibility at important events and prêt-à-porter such as Donna sotto le Stelle (Woman under the Stars). Thus the fashion designer appeared in the Roman environment and decided to open his first atelier in the capital city.

Thanks to the designer’s rich creativity, the label Egon von Furstenberg has been established worldwide, targeting different markets and segments.
Egon was not only interested in fashion: being fairly eclectic, he also attended television by taking part at several shows, TV series, cinema and literature. He wrote the book The Power Look, a guide to fashion and good taste.

He experienced a captivating life, a constantly uphill career along with successes and recognitions at international level.

Unfortunately the designer's career was interrupted by his untimely death on June 11th 2004. The absence of Egon Von Furstenberg leaves an indelible mark in fashion. Nevertheless his name is not going to disappear from this world that keeps honouring, missing and reminding of him.